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At 9:00am to 8:00pm 600 Express Mail Service branches across the Kingdom open for business

A postmaster, or clerk, is always available during business hours behind the counter, ready to help walk-in customers. We offer a variety of mail-related services, specialized to aid you into getting the best service possible. If you need any help choosing which service best suits your needs, the clerk, will inform you of the fastest and the cheapest method to send your package.

The Express Mail Service has over 850 people in its employment.

Every employee, from the postmaster, or clerk, who receives your packages, to the driver who delivers it to the recipient, head out to work with one purpose in mind, serving the citizens as best they can.

Not only does the Express Mail Service delivers by land via the 300 delivery trucks in its fleet

it also delivers internationally by air cargo and sea cargo. All this is done in order to make sure that the communities it operates within know that the world is now smaller and everything can be within reach.

Thousands of documents are sent from our branches and Express Mail Service

operated mailrooms to individuals, organizations, banks, universities and ministries each day. Each of these documents is handled with utmost care in order to be delivered to the right person at the right place in the shortest possible time.

At the Express Mail Service we deliver thousands of packages on a daily basis

of various sizes and content. We understand how crucial it is that nothing goes amiss, for that package holds your message of love, cheer, connection or business. Hence, we try our best to make sure that nothing stays our couriers from taking it to its appointed destination on time.

Delivering mail is not an easy business

It needs thorough strategic planning that we can truly excel and differentiate ourselves from our competitors. The Express Mail Service employs over 50 strategic planners / decision makers to make sure that whatever decisions we take, be it big or small, takes us forward on the right path.

As the day comes to a halt, we try to go over what happened that day

Did we do our jobs as best as we could? Were the customers happy? Were the recipients happy? Could we improve? If so, how? Only through answering these questions and looking at ourselves from the outside do we become better for tomorrow and the days after that.

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