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The Saudi Post is the main government operated postal system in Saudi Arabia. With a huge role in the Kingdom’s communication infrastructure for the past century, it has grown from humble beginnings of sending mail and parcels on camels, to utilizing railroad systems, and now using modern technologies for efficient mail delivery. Originally called the Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone but locally referred to as “Bareed”, the Saudi Post was first initiated in the year 1354 H. The journey had been a progressive one, and today it has an efficient postal network covering all the cities and villages of the Kingdom, with 478 main and 180 branch post offices.

Today, the Saudi Post is composed of highly committed professional teams, offering the best postal products and services to meet customers’ needs in all areas of the Kingdom. It has also grown its channels worldwide, utilizing the best in courier and parcel technology.

Amongst its success, Saudi Post initiated the Express Mail Service (EMS) in the Kingdom and has been running it for the past 30 years. Through EMS, Saudi Post has launched multiple products to best serve its customers both locally and internationally. In the end, they serve not only the entire Kingdom, but the world with efficient postal delivery systems and interpersonal customer care.

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