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Express Mail Service - Business Services

Business Services

Express Mail Services (EMS) provides ideal courier services for organizations, ministries and financial sectors. Businesses can benefit from EMS’s vast network and send their letters or parcels to their offices abroad or customers inside and outside of the Kingdom.

Also provided to business are popular EMS services such as Gulf Ex; for sending your letters or packages to recipients located in other countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Nile Express; for sending them to ones in Egypt or Sudan, India Parex; for sending them to ones in the subcontinent of India, and Par Ex; for sending them to ones in Britain.


Express Mail Service manages to provide competitive pricing which would keep in mind the customers’ needs. The weight of the parcel itself, whether it is intended to be sent domestically within the Kingdom or abroad, and the expected duration are all factors that will reflect the rates. To insure you get the best deal for your specific courier requirements, we encourage you to select the EMS service that is most suitable for you.

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