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Jamaee Service

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Exclusively designed to ease the burden on students and their guardians from travel, accommodation, and moving between cities in KSA to review universities, "JAMAEE" service from EMS has been created to speed up the application process, sending students' admission documents to all public universities for free.

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More than 380 thousand students enrolled in universities
Issued a list of students accepted to universities
Accepted students Prepare documents and admission requirements
Students deliver their papers to more than 600 branch for Saudi Post
Students trace there documents through track & trace service
Deliver the documents to more than 30 universities and colleges

"JAMAEE" service, available at widely spreading post offices around the Kingdom, allows students to easily benefit from our speedy and safe delivery of university application documents in KSA at zero charge, with no compromise to service. Our on-line tracking tool, can guarantee you updated tracing of your documents and efficient responsiveness to your needs.

Jamaee Service from EMS

Serving the Community

This distinguished service "JAMAEE" is a national project implemented by Express Mail Service in association with Saudi universities to provide an inclusive highly organized service to the community. "JAMAEE" saves time, effort and cost for families and universities alike, eliminating overcrowding of male and female students inside university buildings. For more inquiries about EMS Offices which present "JAMAEE" service Kingdom wide, please contact us at Express Mail Service (920001144).


Jamaee Service is free for all Students

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