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Express Mail Service - How To?

How To?

Whether you wish to send your shipment locally or internationally, the process remains the same. First, locate the closest Express Mail Service (EMS) branch from where you are.

There are 600 postal offices within the Kingdom that welcome you and are willing to help send out your shipment.

Second, the weights and respective destinations of all shipments, may they be documents, letters or parcels, must be determined.

The estimated time for delivery to the recipient will be based on what you will be paying as a value added service.

This procedure does not apply for a select few of EMS products, so be sure to find out more on our services page.

Lastly, before the shipment is dispatched, the EMS officer will note your tracking code on the receipt of service.

The tracking code identifies your shipment and is used by either you or the recipient of the shipment to track its arrival to its final destination.

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